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Belgium is a French speaking European schengen country that places no limitations on minimum stay a year during the residency. You must open a company which can take several months and must have capital of EUR 18,600. One is eligible to apply for citizenship after just 3 years legal continious residence. However, it will take 5 years to receive Belgian citizenship, because the processing time is atleast 2 years. There are no restrictions on dual citizenship (eg Pakistan).

Belgium is a high tax location, but it can be tax efficient as an investor. There are no capital gains taxes. You will need to speak some Dutch or French to get the citizenship, not the residence. If you can demonstrate that you are economically independent, generally you don’t have a problem getting approved. You should apply for an ID card and will be awarded residency from a long stay visa. You don’t need to maintain physical residence in Belgium.

Costs of Investing to become a Resident of Belgium

The total average amount that will need to be spent until an applicant reaches citizenship stage (5 years) is reached is EUR 350k - 500k. Payments are done over time and the first year alone can cost you up to EUR 200,000. This is due to company requirements, legal fees, etc. For these reasons it is important to have at least EUR 350,000 in savings at the start of the Belgium residency to citizenship program.

Benefits of being a Resident of Belgium

  • Residency in EU country and ability to travel
  • Good for investors or those with passive income
  • One of the safer countries in Europe
  • Can apply and recieve a passport after 3-5 years
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Koninkrijk België (nld)
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